Specyfikacja techniczna

Chassis Number: #28XX#

Location: Central-rear, longitudinal disposition. Timing system: 4 camshafts (2 per each cylinder head) driven by 2 chains, 4 valves
per cylinder.
Type: Ferrari F142, 8 cylinders with V 90° layout. Injection and ignition: Bosch MS5.1 engine electronic management, adjustable
engine mapping, adjustable traction control, direct fuel injection, ignition by 1 spark
plug per cylinder.
Capacity: 4.498 cm3. Exhaust system: Inconel tubing, not silenced (120 db noise).
Bore: 94 mm. Cooling system: Liquid type, 2 radiators placed in the front compartment.
Stroke: 81 mm. Lubrication system: Dry sump, gear pump, liquid-oil heat exchanger and filter.
Maximum Power: 465 CV at 6250 rpm with 28,3 mm air restrictors. Fuel: Unleaded 102 RON, 88 MON.
Maximum Torque: 520 Nm at 5750 rpm.
Materials: Aluminium alloy engine block and cylinder heads,
steel connecting rods,
forged steel crankshaft.
Intake system: Air induction limited by two restrictors placed
at the entries of the air box, opening
by 8 mechanical throttles.





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